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The Alexander Wilson Project

Alexander Wilson ?


Crimeface came about late in 2003 after Wayne Simmonds, Richard Davis, Tim Birch and myself had been working together for several years.

We had made an interactive music video for the now defunct BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE's unreleased album 'Entering a New Ride'. The band weren't together anymore but we were revisiting a mutual love for their music via MP3 downloads and when we got hold of the unheard 'lost' album we had to put something visual together to go with it. We produced an interactive pop video on CD rom called 'NTR' which screened at UK/USA film festivals and we gave it away for free on the band's message board.

Around this time I got a call from soundtrack supremo BARRY ADAMSON who I had kept in touch with since he did the soundtrack to one of my first film outings 'Namaste MPC'. He was interested in me putting a webfilm together for a track entitled 'The Crime Scene' off his forthcoming album. I convinced him that for a small budget we could do a webfilm for the track and we could do something alongside that would be 'interactive'. The resulting interactive drama can still found on the links page and on Barry's website.

Both projects were ambitious and cutting edge; forging new territory in user experience, beguiling peoples expectations of what an 'interactive video' could be but they weren't quite compelling enough.

I knew I wanted to make something dramatic and interactive using the skills and money I had gained from my commercial work. It seemed logical to put my money where my mouth was but how wrong could I be?

Crimeface was written and shot in the first half of 2004. Post production took another 9 months and version 1 was finally ready. Oh dear...

The problem was that it wasn't right. It did have showings at festivals; Ohio Independent Film & Video Festival and it was nominated for the IMAGINATION award at Viper Festival of Film and New Media in Switzerland but it just didn't grab you by the balls. This fact took some getting used to, a year to be exact.

I did get used to the idea of reworking it and eventually I began re editing. Looking back to what had worked in previous projects it made sense to let music drive the action where possible so I asked Bruce Magill (ex-SUPERQUEENS) to come up with some tracks. Things started working...

The process at this point was throwing up many options for interactivity and I enlisted long term collaborator Richard Davis to write additional material. This is when things really started to go right. The new edited footage was put together with the extra interactive material by flash programmer Andrew Lim and the results you can see by playing the interactive version.

The project then received some funding from the Arts Council England to put it online and publicise it. That's the story so far, any continuation will be on the Blog.

Krishna Stott

PS- Here is a good point to thank everybody who worked on the production along the way for little or no money- THANKYOU!!!


Tranz Van Zandt - Wayne Simmonds
Harry Adams - David Crellin
John Barry - Tom Charnock
Julie Abrahams - Nikki Tovell
Peter Townes - Craig Cheetham
Billy Macintosh - Gareth Abel
Forensic Cop - Juliet Ellis
Duty Cops - Amanda Griffiths, Helen Serridge & Mim Wild
Photographer - Gary Peploe


Written By Richard Davis & Krishna Stott

Script Editor - Will Massa

1st Assistant Director - Lisa Corkhill
2rd Assistant Director - Helen Edwards
Continuity - Heather Crompton
Production Manager - Fiona Walmsley-Collins
Production Runners - Sally Caldecutt & Joanne Lee

Production Design - Vanessa Hawkins
Art Assistant - Carl Killian
Art Assistant - Ashley Cadd

Costume - Joanne Cook
Make Up - Jackie Tilling

Special Effects - Scott Macintyre At
Armourer - Mark Shelley

Sound Recordist - Craig Rihoy
Boom Op - Paul Cannon

Director Of Photography - Jarod Roberts
Assisted By Tom Harrington And Alex Perry

In-Picture Graphic Design - Vin Kelly
Digital Film Fx - Jeremy Hogg At The Box
Interactive Designer- Andrew Lim

Music - Bruce Magill
Additional Music - Ivor Perry, Kier Stewart & Andy Hargreaves

Editor - Thaydon Dubois
Assisted By Alex Perry

Pr - Tim Birch

Associate Producer - Philip Shotton
Line Producer - Graham Clayton Chance

Produced And Directed By Krishna Stott

A Retina Circus & Bellyfeel Production 2008